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Ikonik Hotels


Vibrant, fresh and innovative

At Ikonik Hotels, we believe that each guest is looking for a unique experience and services which adapt to the way they travel. For this reason, our accommodation turns simplicity into quality and reinvents the services to make them unique and original. Just like curious, restless travellers longing to discover the world, Ikonik Hotels escapes from convention with a proposal made to surprise.
A NEW CONCEPT Travel with K
You like to enjoy little luxuries, you follow the latest trends, you want to be surprised, but at the same time you demand quality, value culture and choose experiences that inspire you. Do you feel identified? Then, you are Ikonik.
WORK & PLAYThe value of each moment
Travelling for business should not be at odds with enjoying your trip. We want each place of accommodation to inspire you, encourage you to immerse yourself in the local culture, and turn every moment into a lasting memory.
THE SURPRISE FACTORSmall details, great differences
At Ikonik Hotels, we appreciate each detail as a note of freshness, an opportunity to transmit our values. Our objective is that when you open the door to your hotel room, you will feel the surprise factor, an impulse of creativity and inspiration which makes you want to live the Ikonik experience on every trip.
DÉCOR & AVANT-GARDENothing conventional
Historic buildings with trending interiors or design furniture in vibrant colours. Creativity knows no limits at Ikonik.